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At the bank today :)

March 12, 2015

Bank pic

This was at the bank today:

I was cashing a check at the bank and I looked over and saw this lady. My left knee felt a twinge. Then I heard in my heart: Shoulders, back, neck, headaches, sleep and lung issues. I then knew she was in an accident and I saw the #5 and felt it was 5 years ago.

I waited till she was done and showed her “her healing shopping list” lol she said it was ALL correct. So I was able to pray for her there and she said she felt so much better physically and spiritually.

She said “I needed this so bad!”

Jesus is unstoppable! AMEN! Love yall!

Josh and Dakota lives are changed by Jesus!

February 9, 2015

josh and 2josh dakota

Meet Josh and Dakota…Their lives are forever changed by Jesus!

Todd Schwarz and I were leaving the mall heading to church and I saw a young man to my right. The Holy Spirit said “He is going to ask you for a cigarette but tell him about me.” When he approached us on his bike he said “Do you have a light?” I said “no, but can we pray for you?” The young man named Josh instantly started to tear up. (Later he said when he looked into our eyes he saw something different and it made him cry) We asked him “What are you doing right now? Come with us we will feed you and take you to church right now” He said ok and brought his friend Dakota with him.

When they got into the van the both started crying because of God’s kindness and presence. God was moving on their hearts. We got to Bethel and they both rededicated theirs lives to Jesus and wept many tears before and after the baptism. They keep saying “I feel so different and new inside and I cant believe this is happening to me right now! I haven’t ever felt so calm and happy inside!” Josh said he could feel tingling all over his body from the moment we first met him at the mall and it hadn’t stopped 3 hours later.

The young men called their moms saying “Mom, you won’t believe what just happened we got baptized tonight” They would start weeping from God’s love so much tonight. God was washing their hearts completely clean of all the sin and pain. We bought them some new shoes on the way home because a friend gave us some $ to do that.

We got to pray for Dakota mom for healing when we dropped him off. She got touched! When we dropped Josh off he asked what that funny language that we were praying. We told him about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and in his living room tonight Josh was baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues we almost all fell over from the power of God that came! Yay Jesus.

We are going to disciple these young men to be world changer for Jesus! Come on Holy Ghost!!!!!

This is the gospel ‪#‎LoveSaysGo‬
Love ya Jason Chin

Here is our New ‘How to Heal the Sick’ Free eBook

January 5, 2015

ebook image 2Hey Love Says Go friends and family!

I wanted to let you know that we just finished a powerful Free Training eBook on ‘How Anybody Can Heal the Sick in the Marketplace”.

It is now available for a limited time at (Please ‘Share’ with others that you think would be blessed by this eBook)

It is from our Love Says Go Book/Video course. I believe this Free eBook can be a huge blessing to your life and others!

Thanks again for supporting our Love Says Go vision and many Blessings in Jesus! Jason Chin #LoveSaysGo


December 15, 2014


This post is an answer that came from a question a student from Love Says Go Academy had but I think may help answer a HUGE question many of us have…(Please Note: This is not an exhaustive complete answer but hits some bullet points that have helped me grow personally)

She wrote: This is one main reason why I am a part of this LSGA school. I have prayed for healing many times for people over the last several years and have only seen A few healed. I am thankful for the few, but I know there should be more. This can get me discouraged and make me think what’s wrong with me even though it’s Holy Spirit doing the healing. It also can keep me from praying for people because I don’t want them to not see God move and feel like He doesn’t care. Doubt has crept in. I know He’s the healer, but it causes me to doubt that He wants to use me to heal. Any wisdom about this? Thanks in advance.

From Me: WARNING THIS IS A LONG REPLY…Ok this is the answer that everyone wants an answer to.

“How to get more breakthrough and success in healing the sick?”

There are so many factors to this question and so many books about it and countless ideas and theologies too. It is the question and the quest that anybody that has anything to do with healing the sick is asking.

The truth is, only Jesus walked in 100% success 100% of the time in healing the sick. Every person besides Jesus walking Read more…

Brianna’s FIRST public healing!

November 24, 2014

We filmed Brianna’s first marketplace healing! She was nervous and has never prayed for a healing in public…Watch her reaction as the guy is healed :) Come on Jesus!!


Server at Olive Garden is marked by God’s love

October 5, 2014


Today at Olive Garden in Colorado Springs. Our precious server named ‘Danielle’ got extremely loved on by Jesus! We drew a simple prophetic picture on a small paper and gave it to her with encouraging words. She said “This means so much to me! I will save this picture!”

We asked what we could pray for and she said “My entire life!” When we started to pray she knelt down next to our table in prayer. We explained the gospel of a love relationship with God and His pursuit of her. We spoke destiny and life over her.

With watery eyes she said “I needed to hear this more than you know!” Our table blessed her with an outrageous tip too…She was wrecked by God’s kindness.

When she said “I needed this more than you know!” I once again realized how much of a treasure lives within us. The greatest gift to mankind is God Himself living within us. I had the awareness of how we have the greatest privilege yet responsibility of allowing Him in us to touch others around us. I also was overwhelmed by how simple and small an act of kindness and just a few minutes of my time can radically altar the course of another’s life!

This girls life was marked by God today!!!

I never want to forget or grow cold or indifferent to the fact that the greatest treasure of value is Christ living in us. Lets choose to let Him out to love the world through us!

Simple little gestures of love saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit can change everything!!!

1 Day Left

September 30, 2014


1 Day left for early-bird


Hi there,

Today is the last day for the early-bird enrollment to save 40% discount in Love Says Go Academy Semester 1. Please enroll today to save and reserve your spot…We are 2/3 full right now at the 100 student enrollment mark! (Limited to 150 students)

Gideon’s Army Encounter

We are so expectant about this LSGA semester 1. I had a supernatural encounter a few weeks ago with the Lord that had a loud dog bark (not in the natural) in the encounter. I looked at the clock and it was 7:05am. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart to look up a bible verse that had ‘dog’ and ‘7:5′ because the time.

I looked that up and Judges 7:5 was the only bible verse listed.

“So Gideon took the men down to the water. There the LORD told him, “Separate those who lap the water with their tongues as a dog laps from those who kneel down to drink.”

The Lord said our LSGA would be like Gideon’s army of 300 in Judges 7:5 for this school. We are enrolling 150 students twice a year hence the 300. A few days later my housemate came to me saying God told him in prayer our Love Says Go Academy would be like Gideon’s army and read Judges 7. He didn’t know about my encounter :) God used 300 to do great exploits to bring courage to a nation. I believe God is going to do some incredible exploits with our 300 students to bring great hope and courage to many in this generation through Jesus!

I believe God is bringing 150 radical Jesus lovers to LSGA this semester to get touched and lite up with the most powerful force on the planet..GODS LOVE!!

His fiery Love will mark us and this group of Jesus lovers will reach out to touch the world!!!





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