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Eagle Eyes-Blindness and a Broken Rib Healed 1/10/2011

January 12, 2011
We went out to give away cheeseburgers and new pairs of socks to the poor today. Jesus is amazing. We went to a bus stop where many of the homeless were. Two ladies had arthritic pain leave their bodies when we prayed for them. We had one pair of socks left to give out and I spotted someone by the liquor store. As I approached the person asking “do you want a pair of new socks” her husband or boyfriend turned and said “I do”. His name is eagle. Eagle had a shopping cart and he was going through the dumpsters gathering food to take back to their tent home. Eagle said he really wanted prayer for his father and himself. He said his father was completely blind and eagle had a broken rib. We prayed twice for his rib and most of the pain left his side. He said “I really miss reading my bible” we asked him why he couldn’t read his bible. Eagle responded “because I cant read it, my eyes are bad” We grabbed the bag that the socks were in and asked if he could see or read anything on the bag. He said “No I can only tell I’m holding a bag” there was very large writing and colorful pictures on the bag that he could not see. Eagle let us pray for his eyes and after the first prayer he shocked us as he could begin to read the large print about ¾ of an inch. We asked the Holy Spirit to come again and finish the work. Eagle was now reading “soft….textured.. Comfort… fitted” it was very small print about a font size 12. Come on Jesus! He also said that his rib also had no more pain..Yes! We were able to buy him some burritos and a sandwich from the liquor store too! Jesus is King! 

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