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Vision Comes to Pass-Girls Leg Grows Out 1/14/2011

January 15, 2011
I was waiting on the Lord in my room waiting for my clothes to dry to go to a meeting. My imagination started to drift in a vision of me going to star bucks by home depot during break time in our meeting. In the vision I saw two girls sitting at the farthest left outside table. I saw me growing the girls leg out that was sitting on the left and of us video recording it grow out. We didn’t get a long enough break to go to starbucks and at the meeting I shared how 3:16 is coming up all the time lately. I felt the Holy Spirit was highlighting the famous verse of John 3:16. “For God so LOVED the world, He sent Jesus”..(my paraphrase). I explained last week at 3:16 I text a friend “3:16” and I noticed after I sent it that the txt counter was also at 316. Two days ago I was working on our new website and right in the middle of typing my laptop said “powering down..update” and it shut off. I was stunned it had never done that before and besides it had 100% charge and was plugged in. I looked and my phone it was 3:16am! Wow. Ok back to star bucks. So on the way home after the meeting I remembered the vision and thought we would drive by and see if the two girls I saw were there. As we pulled up I looked and two girls were sitting at the exact table I saw in the vision. No other tables had two girls sitting at them. I was excited. Jacob and I walked up and said “excuse me, this may sound odd but earlier I was praying in my room and I saw two girls sitting at this exact table. I saw us checking your legs and one was shorter and then we payed and the short  leg grew out. Do either one of you have a shorter leg?” They both said “no” I asked if the girl on the left if she was sure about that. Because it was her that I saw us praying for in the vision. I asked her “can we just check to see?” she said “sure” so we do and sure enough her left leg is shorter than the right by ½ to ¾ of an inch. I also asked “can we video tape your leg growing out?” she said “yes” so we caught it on tape Jesus growing her leg out! Then Jesus gave us some prophetic words of encouragement for them. They said the words meant alot to the and they thanked us. We had to go cause I needed to get ready for work and as we jump in my car the clock says 3:16pm..Come on Holy Ghost!..God so Loves the world He is sending Jesus in us to reach the world!!! Souls Souls Souls to be saved and set on fire! Bam!


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