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Many miracles and a demon leaves on the sundail bridge 1/15/2011

January 16, 2011

We went to the sundial bridge today to open air preach Gods goodness and Jesus Broke out with many miracles and healings. A mans left knee had all the pain leave. A lady that had most of the siatic pain in her hip leave. A ladies car battery was dead and my friend prayed and it instantly started. Wow! Than the two ladies in that car got healed one had constant back pain and wrist pain for years. Jesus took it all away. She was wiping tears from her eyes as Gods loving presence was touching her. Her friend had a lump on her neck that started to soften and dissolve. Her left foot had shooting pain and Jesus took that away too! A ladies tennis elbow improve by 99% she said. Also a migraine left a lady instantly on the bridge..Yay Jesus!


We approached a group of young Hispanic teens and we felt the Holy Spirit say one had a short leg. He did and we all prayed in Spanish and guess what Espirtu Santo showed up and grew his leg out! Haha. As we were leaving a lady started asking us questions about my friends car we asked if she had pain in her body. She said she has had a lot pain in her right side of her belly. It has been constant for 4 months. We prayed a couple of times with no improvement. My friend said Jesus was healing her lungs too. She said that is why she moved to Redding because of her lungs. She started to be able to breath deeper she said. We prayed for her stomach to be healed again with no improvement. The whole time we were praying for her stomach to be healed I felt the Holy Spirit say it’s a demon spirit. So I asked her “Can I pull something off your stomach?” she said “sure” so I reached out my hand as if to grab something that was holding on her stomach grabbing the air in front of her belly and yanked it off. She had a look of shock and said “its gone! No really all the pain just left!” she started poking her side to double check and continued “its gone, its really gone” We explained how it was a spirit of affliction and King Jesus just came and set her free! She started crying and said “I knew it was something like that” then she started shouting for joy saying “I just have to let it out, I cant keep it inside” she was a changed person thanks to the goodness, power and love of my Master..Jesus alone is King and Lord!!




  God Shows up in Disneyland with many miracles and Salvations!


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  1. January 16, 2011 6:45 am

    Wow, wow, what can i say. This is outa this world. You guys are amazing. I love this. This is why we live.

  2. Rachel Hiller permalink
    January 22, 2011 5:31 pm

    WOW~ WOW~ WOW~ I am in complete awe!!! This is Super amazing!! The Love of Jesus is so so Extravagant!!

  3. February 2, 2011 4:24 am

    I love you Jesus. Thank you that you care about us so much that you started that ladies car for her! You’re that good. All good. ♥

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