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TMJ in England healed from a video phone message 1/28/2011

January 29, 2011

I just got some “Good News” from my friend James in England. He came to Redding for the Leaders Advance. Over coffee he asked if I could prophesy over his friends back home. He video recorded me on his phone and I guess I had some words of knowledge for healing including TMJ being healed over the video..haha below is his message I got yesterday!

“When we were with you in Bethel, you sent a prophecy back on a video message about TMJ, God totally healed her and her sister now leads worship in our Church also her mum got healed of Migraines, it was their first visit to us that week!” James  

If Anyone is reading this testimony now with TMJ..Be healed! The power of God is coming into your jaw now and healing you! Test it out..
There is no time and space with God. It is just as easy for Him to heal over the phone or internet than in person! I command pain to leaves bodies now in Jesus name. There is a Martha who’s neck is being healed now from a car accident over 2 years ago in Jesus name! I encourage you to step out and release healing over the phone, face book, skype, xbox live, everywhere you “Go” even over cyberspace Jesus is ready to heal the people He loves and died for…Go for it..Holy Ghost Bam!


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