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A Flea Market and A Teenage Girl with Her Unborn Baby 1/29/2011

January 30, 2011
We went to a “flea market” that was on our treasure map. It was closed because of construction. There was a bunch of construction workers there so we called out “Does anybody have pain in their body or need healing?” nobody responded so we said “Does someone have a hurt left elbow and hurt left shoulder?” A worker turned around and looked at us, so we asked “Do you?” He said “Yes” his name was Cory. We prayed at a distance and it got 50% better. We prayed again and it got better still. At a nearby trailer park we met a young gal that just got out of juvenile hall yesterday. She was wearing a “purple shirt” that was also a clue. She had pain in her stomach that went away after prayer and we prophesied over her. We said we saw a vison of her planting new seeds in new pots and we felt that it meant “new life” for her. She looked at her mother in shock and they both started crying. We knew Jesus was doing something dramatic in their lives at this moment. The girl turned and said she has a 7 month old baby now and she just found out that she was pregnant again and she isn’t together with the unborn babies father anymore. She said that the whole family has been trying to decide what to do with the unborn baby. Meaning they were contemplating  abortion as an option. You could tell the family now knew it was definitely Gods heart for them to keep the baby. We prophesied this “new life” was going to bring hope and great joy to the entire family. It was a very profound and powerful moment to watch the families heart begin to connect to the unborn babies life and Gods plan of hope for this unborn child for the very first time. There were many tears of hope, love and joy as we prayed over the baby in her belly. It was a very powerful emotional moment. We exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch. I really believe Jesus might have used us today to save this unborn babies life with the prophetic words and vision God gave us. How incredible is that!
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  1. February 2, 2011 4:08 am

    Oh, my heart swims with joy so deep it brings tears to my eyes. I have such a heart for unborn babies. Thank you God for using Jason in that young Mom’s life. Thank you for saving that unborn baby! I pray blessings over that sweet baby, in the name of Jesus.

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