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Acts 5:15- The Holy Spirit uses our “Shadow” to heal today

February 5, 2011
Today we felt the Lord say He was going to heal people like in Acts 5:15. Just like when Peters shadow healed people as he walked by them. We met two ladies on the bridge and we started to talk with them. As we did my right shoulder started to hurt and I felt pain on the right side of my neck and shoulder and run down my right arm. I do not have a right shoulder problem so I felt the Holy Spirit was giving me a sympathy pain to tell me that He wanted to heal someone close by had that same problem I was feeling. This is called a Holy Spirit “Word of Knowledge” impression (1 Co 12:8). So I asked one of the ladies named Shawna “Do you have pain in your right shoulder and neck area that goes down your arm?” She said “Yes, and I’m in a lot of pain right now. In fact I was just telling my cousin how much it was hurting before we walked up to you just now.” We asked Shawna If we could pray for her. She said “Yes”. So we prayed a short prayer commanding the pain to go and for her shoulder to be healed. We asked her to check it out and she said it felt pretty much the same. Then I remembered that I felt the Lord tell me earlier that He was going to heal people with our “Shadows” today. So I asked Shawna “Can I walk by you and let my shadow touch your shoulder and see what happens?” She said “Ok sure”. So I walked by her 3 or 4 times without saying a word, just letting my shadow touch her shoulder. Watch the Video to see what Jesus does…

On a side note I wanted to share how I have met many people who felt that God could not use them to heal the sick because they were fighting sickness or they had a physical injury that God had not healed yet. That is not true! Today I had a rash and swelling from poison oak on my right check and forehead and Jesus still used me to minister healing. We have to remember it is His wonderful power and His great love that is working through us. We just need to be “willing” vessels that He can flow through and use. I have personally witnessed a crippled man in a wheelchair praying for others that needed healing and God used him to heal the sick. Even if you feel that you have too little faith, that still doesn’t limit Gods Faith and Love for the person needing healing. You may be thinking “What about In Nazerath where Jesus could not do many miracles because of their unbelief?”(Mark 6:5) The reason Jesus did not do many miracles is because their unbelief kept them from bringing the sick to Jesus. Few came so few were healed. If they would have come to Jesus He would have healed them! Jesus’s faith is never inferior to mans unbelief. Their unbelief in Jesus keep them from “Going” to Jesus to be healed. The unwillingness to “GO” still limits His power today. I believe faith or unbelief is in the “Going”. It is not so much about what we are thinking or feeling. I have watched God heal countless people through me when I felt little or zero faith and actually felt alot of unbelief. I would be shocked when I watched God heal them! The only faith I had in that moment was to actually stop and pray for the person. I really believe all the “Faith” God needs is in the “Going”. Jesus loves people so much all He is asking is for us to step out and take R.I.S.K to help the people around us. He will step in and do the rest! “Heal the sick, Raise the Dead..Freely you have received freely give”. Start by stopping to ask someone who you see that needs healing and ask them “Can I pray for you?” Most great miracles of healing have always started with that first step of faith..That is…”Love In Action”

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  1. February 9, 2011 6:38 am

    Ahhhhh!! that is so good!!! I love when you talk about.. how ppl think they can’t heal bc they are sick that is so un true.. haha… so fresh. Yay God!! He is amazing! 🙂

  2. February 9, 2011 4:02 pm

    Jesus is so cool and so are you, brother.


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