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Souls Saved! Eyes healed, “Jim”, Miracles and Open air preaching 2/12/2011

February 16, 2011
“..He sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.” Luke 9:2
Before we went out to open air preach today. I felt the Holy Spirit say I would meet a “Jim”. At the sundial bridge a large group walked towards us so we said loudly “Can we please get everyone’s attention. We have some really good news we have to share” We proceeded to tell them about a testimony we received of a man we prayed for that was dying from stage 4 cancer. He emailed us a couple of weeks ago that the doctors checked him out and couldn’t find a trace of cancer in his body. He was healed by the power of Jesus! We told the group that the kingdom of heaven was at hand now to heal them too. We called out two words of knowledge for a left knee injury and a bad back. A girl responded for the

knee injury and the group leader named “Jim” said he had the back injury. As we talked to the girl I felt the Holy Spirit say it was a sports injury. She said it happened during basketball and “Jim” was her coach. I told Jim that God had given me his name before we went out today. We prayed for “Jim” and the girl. They said they were not in pain at the time but would let us know in a couple of days. We prophesied Holy Spirit  words of destiny to them. They said they were both greatly encouraged by the love encounter. Then my friend said “Jesus is healing someone’s right ankle” A lady walked up and said that she rolled her ankle 2 weeks ago and it was in pain. My friend prayed and Jesus fixed her more pain! Another grouped walked up and we felt “left knee” and “arthitis and poor circulation in the Moms hands”. We prayed for another girls left knee and her moms hands that had arthritic pain and they usually felt cold. The girl Facebooked me yesterday saying her knee and her moms hands were healed and pain free about Jesus! About that time my friends that were “treasure hunting” walked up and shared how a few minutes ago Jesus had healed a ladies eyes on the bridge. She had floaters and cloudy vision. They wanted to try “shadow healing” from Act 5:15. They walked by the lady and as their shadow touched her she said the floaters and cloudiness had left her eyes! Come on Holy Spirit! Another friend that went treasure hunting with me on Thursday said that after I left two young men around the age of 19 got healed and then gave their lives to Jesus for the first time! Holy Ghost Fire on you….That’s the Kingdom!

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