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Jesus heals a ladies back across 4 lanes of traffic! Texas Conference 4/16/2011

April 19, 2011

 We had a great time with our  Austin School of Supernatural Ministry family. We did a Skype video conference with them. Over 6 Legs grew out, necks and headaches left, people were healed using their shadows! (Acts 5:15) Around 30 people went out “Treasure Hunting” and they had many love encounters and some healings. It was a great Jesus equipping day. A personal highlight for me was my mother was visiting from Oregon that weekend and got to be a part of the fun! During the treasure hunting time we saw a vision of a “Blue 67-69 Chevy Camaro and Safeway Parking lot”. It was “Cool April Nights” in Redding which is a big festival for hot rodders. About 3 blocks from Safeway we saw a man pulling a “blue 69 Camaro” on a car trailer. Since we only had about 30 minutes left till we had to be back to share testimonies with Texas we had theteam drop two of us off to talk to him. We told the team we would walk and meet up with them at Safeway. We approached the man with

the sweet Camaro feeling he had a “back” “right shoulder” and “neck” injury. He wasn’t very interested in what we had to share so we blessed him, threw some “Love Seed” of words of encouragement on him and moved on. On the opposite side of the street a lady looking in her mid 30’s was walking in the same direction towards Safeway. There were 4 lanes of cars moving between us. So it was pretty loud because of the moving flow of cars. When traffic waned we started a conversation with the lady. We shouted across the street “Hello, how are you doing today” she replied “fine” We had to wait as traffic would wane so our conversation was in short bursts between the traffic flow. We felt she may feel awkward if two guys ran across the street towards her so we continued. “Do you have back pain?” she yelled back “Yes! how do you know?” We spoke back “The presence of God is coming on your back right now and is healing you..How does it feel now?” She said “It doesn’t hurt anymore!.. And I feel tingling over my whole body! ” Haha thats amazing! So we shouted “That’s the Holy Spirit, He is on you right now… Do you have children?” She replied “No, my babies skull didn’t fully form and was still born..I lost my baby” We declared over her “You will carry a child full term and give birth to a normal healthy child!” She raised her arms to God and said “Thank you” to Him. Turning to us now smiling ear to ear she said “Thank you so much I really needed this today!” She turned left down the next street. We arrived at Safeway and felt to go to Starbucks. I saw us growing a ladies leg out in a vision. I asked my friend who he thought had the shorter leg. He pointed to a girl in a blue stripped shirt. We told them we were on a treasure hunt and both said they also go to Bethel Church and this was a first for them to be “The Treasure”. Sure enough Jesus grew the girls shorter leg out and gave us some Words of Encouragement and Words of Knowledge for other healing too. We prayed for some healing in their body that couldn’t be checked in the moment but the girls right shoulder was checked and healed! They said they were both very encouraged.  Our entire Redding team along with Texas touched many lives today with the love of Jesus and the power of His kingdom! Sheka boomba bam thank you Holy Ghost! More……….

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  1. Chris permalink
    May 5, 2011 12:19 am

    This is so awesome! Jesus!! hahaha

    • Sifiso permalink
      May 25, 2011 7:38 am


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