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Jesus miracles as we Go grocery shopping

May 29, 2011

Three of us went to buy some groceries and to release Gods “Good News” yesterday. As we shopped we asked the Holy Spirit for Words of Knowledge for healing for those around us. At a food sample table we felt the lady working had knee issues. We asked her if she had a right shoulder and knee problems. She said “I fell down at work and hurt my right shoulder and both knees. They wanted to operate on me but I dont want surgery. I was reduced to light duty because of the injury” As we prayed for her she felt Gods presence but she said she would have to do something strenuous to check it out and she couldn’t right now because she was working. She said she would call us in a couple days to let us know. All three of us felt a pain in our neck as we walked down the frozen meat isle. We all thought the word of knowledge was for a blonde lady shopping with her two children. My friend approached her and asked if she had pain in her neck. She said “no”. When my friend walked back and told me her reply I said “I’m pretty sure she isn’t telling you the truth about her neck. I believe she does have the pain in her neck and I don’t know how but God will show you that it was a correct word of knowledge He gave you for her” About 10 minutes later the same lady walked in front on us. I approached her and asked “My friend asked you earlier if your neck had pain. Do you know why he asked you that?” She said that she thought it was some kind of joke. I explained how God gives us insight into peoples injuries because He wants to heal them. I told her that all three of us felt the same neck pain and we all thought it was for her. I asked “So do you have a neck injury that’s causing you pain?” she replied “This is so weird, I just called my chiropractor an hour ago to try to get me in because my neck is hurting so bad!” As we prayed she felt tingling on her neck and the pain started to leave and mobility increased. Another man had just broken his heal bone a few days earlier and was instantly healed by Jesus. He was jumping up and down on it without any pain. As we were shopping a friend of mine called and shared an incredible miracle that she just witnessed a week ago. A girl that was born with a deformed right arm received prayer. Her arm was 2” shorter and was half the diameter of her left arm. After a few minutes her arm had grown in length and in diameter to match the left one. That’s amazing Jesus! As we approached our car we had some words of knowledge for a lady that was loading her groceries. We asked if she had neck and back pain, flat feet, lung congestion and a head ache. About 6 injuries in total. All were correct. As we prayed she started wobbling under the Holy Spirits presence. We asked her “What are you feeling?” “I feel dizzy” she slowly replied. She said “I haven’t had this feeling without pain for 15 to 20 years” My friend felt that she had a shorter leg so we checked them as she sat on the tailgate of her car. The video below shows Jesus growing her leg out. This precious lady was so touched with God goodness that she kept thanking us for stopping to take the time to pray for her. She said her sister had terminal cancer so we invited her to the Bethel healing rooms today for prayer. She brought her sister and husband for prayer this morning..waiting for a great Jesus report back! Another great day to be alive in His kingdom. Jesus is amazing!

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  1. Dean Picciuto permalink
    May 29, 2011 12:32 pm

    you guys rock. Keep up the awesome testimonies of God’s Kingly exploits!!!

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