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A broken hand healed and more Jesus miracles.

June 8, 2011

As we were at the bank a couple of days ago withdrawing some cash we noticed a lady walking by with two wrist braces. After making conversation she said that she had arthritis and also a right foot that hadn’t healed properly from an accident over 7 years ago. After prayer she removed her wrist braces. She could now move her hands freely and without any pain. She said her hands had been in constant pain for years. She commented that she felt heat and tingling on her hands and foot. She has not been able to put all her weight on her right foot for several years. All the pain left her foot and she was now balancing, standing only on her right foot with no pain! She couldn’t get over what Jesus had just done for her. She said “My husband is gona flip when he sees how I’ve been healed!” At Wal-Mart we prayed for a lady with back pain. Jesus took all the pain away. By the goldfish tanks a man covered with tattoos approached with a black right hand wrist brace. We asked him why he had on the brace. He said he broke his hand 2 days earlier and was in a lot of pain. A pain level of 7 out of 10, 10 being the worst. When we invited the Holy Spirit to come he said “Man, I’m getting so hot I’m starting to sweat” He had beads of sweat dripping from his forehead. He removed the brace and started opening and closing his hand. All the pain left his hand and he could open and close his hand freely. He was tripping out saying things like “This is so crazy I cant believe what is happening right now!” When we explained the heat and tingling he was feeling coursing through his body was the person of God Himself called the Holy Spirit. We said God Himself was here and touching him because of His great love for him. He said he was a Christian but that he had never experienced God like this before. The mans face turned red as he tried to fight back the tears but God broke through and this man started crying from Gods loving presence that was all over him. It was a very powerful moment..We got to prophesy destiny to the entire family and gave many hugs of joy as we said goodbye for now. Today on the way to Wal-Mart I saw a still snapshot image in my mind of a lady in her late 40’s wearing a light blue shirt with straight reddish hair that was shouder length. I felt she had back and neck pain. I found the lady I saw by the cleaning supplies. I showed her the paper that I had written all the “Clues” on. She said she did in fact have back problems.  She was happy to receive prayer but she could not test her condition out because of all the pain medication that she was on. She did say that she felt “much lighter” though. Another lady today when asked what she was feeling after prayer said with a big smile “I feel alot happier inside that someone stopped and really made my day!” A close friend of mine has this motto “The ministry of Jesus is as simple as making someones day…everyday” I agree, Jesus is truly amazing!

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