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Crutches made useless in the presence of King Jesus!

June 20, 2011

My daughter and I were leaving McDonald’s and we saw a lady in her 40’s hobbling through the parking lot on crutches. She had a ace knee wrap on her left knee and no shoe because of the swelling on her left ankle. We asked her what happened and she said she had fallen down and hit a curb messing up her knee and her ankle. She said she was in a lot of pain and she had limited movement. She was planning to get an x-ray that day to see what had happened. Jesus had a better idea! We asked if we could pray explaining that we have seen God perform many miracles. She told us that God healed her 2 years ago from a back issue from some Bethel folks. We commanded a healing in Jesus name and asked her to check it out. She immediately said there was no more pain as she started to bend her knee. She handed me her crutches and borrowed my left flip flop and started taking slow baby steps without her crutches. I asked her

what was going on. She replied.. “I’m not kidding there is no pain” I asked “do you think you could try to walk faster?” her response “I think so” as she started walked faster than a normal stride… “Wow this is knee and leg feels doesn’t hurt at all!” she exclaimed “look all the swelling is gone too!” We both started rejoicing in what Jesus had just done for her.. She was healed! Hallelujah!

This weekend we had the privilege to see my family and attend a Jake Hamilton concert in Klamath Falls called “Praise in the Park”. Jake lead worship and then gave a powerful message about the cross. Gangs of people rushed the front to recommit “ALL” to Jesus. Many were set free from addictions to pornography and lust. Others received a renewing of their virginity as Jake prayed for them. It was a very powerful time and blessing to be there. I want to state that Jesus wants us “All” to be completely “Free” to serve Him and by the great power of the Holy Spirit has made a way for us all to have “Complete Victory” in Him! The devils a liar and Jesus is King! If you are struggling with some of these issues just know God in you in greater and He will make a way out for you. Talk openly and ask for help with people of leadership in your life. Never cover it up because that stuff grows in secrecy. It takes great courage to be transparent but know many others are getting victory in these areas too! Never settle for anything less than total freedom..It its yours and You are not alone! A great start is praying something like this..

“I break off the spirit of lust and perversion from my life in Jesus name. I command all unholy soul ties to be broken off. I renounce the spirit of Jezebel off my life..Go in Jesus name. Father I thank you for filling me now with your great Holy Spirit and fire. Jesus wipe away all past images that do not glorify you. Thank you for your unfailing love. All feelings of condemnation and shame must leave now I am completely forgiven and made spotless because of the blood of Jesus!  I declare FREEDOM in Jesus name!! “

Now take a few minutes and enjoy His presence and unconditional love towards YOU..YOU are LOVED…Please listen to the short clip of Jake’s concert..His main message is LOVE! Holy Ghost Bam

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  1. Ana permalink
    October 19, 2011 4:41 pm

    Hi! I’m Ana from Ecuador. I just watched many of your videos and it’s wonderful to see how God keeps working through his children.. That encourages me to keep having faith and doing all Jesus wants us to do..

  2. October 22, 2011 9:18 am

    Come on Jesus!!!! Thank you lord for these great videos of your love!

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