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A healing miracle from a deliverance

April 20, 2014

walker 5

During the ministry time at the end about 20 people were delivered from different demonic spirits that had been bugging them. Some came out with loud shrieks others with a yawn. I have never been in a meeting with so many deliverance. As I would pray for someone I would know by “word of knowledge” what the spirit was and then simply told it to get off or go and it would.

I felt more activated and equipped to help people get free from demonic activity hurting their life. It was awesome people from the homegroup told me the next day that their life was completely changed from that night that they felt free and more alive now!!!!

So yesterday I was getting gas and I looked and saw a lady walking so slow and laborious with a walker. She was literally inching her way along and her whole body was shaking. She looked in terrible shape.

I approached her and asked her name and what was going on in her body. She said her name is ‘Debbie” and before this January she was completely healthy and happy. She said she has had numerous hospital visits and tests and they cannot find anything wrong but she is almost bed ridden now. She had lost her job because of this and is now about to become homeless as a result of this. As I prayed for her she started to shake even worse and I sensed it was demonic. I was on my way to BSSM to teach our last activation so I asked her if we could come pray for her after class. She said she was living in the motel about 50 feet away. I literally was thinking “I dont know how she will make it back to her hotel as feeble a shape she is in”

Ben Wait and I knocked on her hotel room and she was too weak to even slide her door open. Debbie said she had called Bethel church this week already hoping to get someone to pray for her. She was sooo happy that we were from Bethel  We explained how we felt this sickness was a demonic spirit and we would pray and Jesus would set her free. We asked if we could pray to get this off her. She said to us “Yes please help me, I know this is a demon”.

Ben and I invited Holy Spirit to come more and then we started to take authority over this attack. Debbie was constantly shaking as we prayed. I had never not seen her shaking. As we prayed I sensed the Holy Spirit say “She has been abused ask her to forgive the abuser” We asked her about that and she said it was true. Ben coached Debbie in the importance of forgiveness and she forgave two men that had abused her. Debbie said “I had no idea the devil could come in because of un-forgiveness anger and hatred I had towards others” The moment she forgave we noticed the shaking completely stop. We said “Debbie you are not shaking! Stand up and walk” She did, she stood to her feet and started walking completely normal! We asked her what are you feeling? She said I feel peace. We shouted “Debbie Jesus just set you free and you are healed. You got your life back!!”

Debbie was instantly completely healed! She could walk fast and bend down, pick things up it was amazing! She went from almost bed-ridden to healed by the blood and power of Jesus. The color came back into her face too  YAY JESUS!!!

We are bringing her groceries today too….Jesus is Amazing!!!

Here is our Home group Video :

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  1. Beverly permalink
    April 20, 2014 1:22 am

    May God bless you all! 😀

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