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Today’s Salvation Testimony-

September 18, 2014

My friend Zack was sharing with me today how Jesus has set him free from so many addictions from hard drugs to being without a home to stay in. His story is marked by radical love and grace. Zack now walks in such a level of love, purity and power that inspires me. We were parked in the Walgreens parking lot as he was sharing his story with me of Gods freedom.

Just then a lady walks up to our vehicle and asks “Do you have a light?” I responded by “I don’t but come hear so we can pray for you, what do you need?” She said “I can’t find my wallet right now and I am hungry” Zack and I shared how God had set him free from being without a home and strung out of meth and suicidal to walking in freedom and love. This precious young lady said “I am in the same situation. I am 20 years old and I need help. I am using drugs to cope with wanting to kill myself” We shared the gospel of Jesus and she said she has not been to church nor received Jesus before as her savior.

We shared the gospel of love and value and power. We explained not all of her current hard situations may not change tonight but she would never be alone EVER AGAIN. And that she had God now to help her in ALL her circumstances. God would now come live inside and set her free!

This precious 20 year old girl received Jesus as her savior today in Walgreens parking lot. We broke the demonic strongholds off her and we bought her food and invited her to come worship Jesus with us on Sunday. Her neck also felt better after prayer.

We spent some time loving on her today…We do not know 100% what life will bring this daughter of God and I wish we could have done more but I know having the Holy Spirit on the inside now CHANGES EVERYTHING!

Even if circumstances don’t change in that minute you invite Jesus in: YOU change! What you once desired no longer has appeal. Jesus is really good at finishing what He starts. His grace keeps bringing us from glory to glory…We thank God for the destiny that she now has in Him! She is born again!!!

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