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Server at Olive Garden is marked by God’s love

October 5, 2014


Today at Olive Garden in Colorado Springs. Our precious server named ‘Danielle’ got extremely loved on by Jesus! We drew a simple prophetic picture on a small paper and gave it to her with encouraging words. She said “This means so much to me! I will save this picture!”

We asked what we could pray for and she said “My entire life!” When we started to pray she knelt down next to our table in prayer. We explained the gospel of a love relationship with God and His pursuit of her. We spoke destiny and life over her.

With watery eyes she said “I needed to hear this more than you know!” Our table blessed her with an outrageous tip too…She was wrecked by God’s kindness.

When she said “I needed this more than you know!” I once again realized how much of a treasure lives within us. The greatest gift to mankind is God Himself living within us. I had the awareness of how we have the greatest privilege yet responsibility of allowing Him in us to touch others around us. I also was overwhelmed by how simple and small an act of kindness and just a few minutes of my time can radically altar the course of another’s life!

This girls life was marked by God today!!!

I never want to forget or grow cold or indifferent to the fact that the greatest treasure of value is Christ living in us. Lets choose to let Him out to love the world through us!

Simple little gestures of love saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit can change everything!!!

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