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Josh and Dakota lives are changed by Jesus!

February 9, 2015

josh and 2josh dakota

Meet Josh and Dakota…Their lives are forever changed by Jesus!

Todd Schwarz and I were leaving the mall heading to church and I saw a young man to my right. The Holy Spirit said “He is going to ask you for a cigarette but tell him about me.” When he approached us on his bike he said “Do you have a light?” I said “no, but can we pray for you?” The young man named Josh instantly started to tear up. (Later he said when he looked into our eyes he saw something different and it made him cry) We asked him “What are you doing right now? Come with us we will feed you and take you to church right now” He said ok and brought his friend Dakota with him.

When they got into the van the both started crying because of God’s kindness and presence. God was moving on their hearts. We got to Bethel and they both rededicated theirs lives to Jesus and wept many tears before and after the baptism. They keep saying “I feel so different and new inside and I cant believe this is happening to me right now! I haven’t ever felt so calm and happy inside!” Josh said he could feel tingling all over his body from the moment we first met him at the mall and it hadn’t stopped 3 hours later.

The young men called their moms saying “Mom, you won’t believe what just happened we got baptized tonight” They would start weeping from God’s love so much tonight. God was washing their hearts completely clean of all the sin and pain. We bought them some new shoes on the way home because a friend gave us some $ to do that.

We got to pray for Dakota mom for healing when we dropped him off. She got touched! When we dropped Josh off he asked what that funny language that we were praying. We told him about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and in his living room tonight Josh was baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues we almost all fell over from the power of God that came! Yay Jesus.

We are going to disciple these young men to be world changer for Jesus! Come on Holy Ghost!!!!!

This is the gospel ‪#‎LoveSaysGo‬
Love ya Jason Chin

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