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Processing Disappointment…

May 14, 2015


Processing disappointment…

This happened 10 minutes ago. This is “Deborah” in the electric wheelchair. She whizzed by as I was picking up my car from the mechanics shop. I felt the “God nudge” so I got my car and drove a few blocks to meet her.

I parked and approached Deborah. She was lovely and I said hello and asked her name and why she was is the wheelchair. She said her back and knees are really bad and she can not walk long distances.

She let me pray a few times and we did not see any improvement. I won’t lie I really dislike it when we don’t get to see God results. This point of disappointment is where some people that start praying for the sick will stop. It is painful to see people not get healed. I have wept ugly tears before after seeing no results because our desire is to see people helped and healed in Jesus name.

When Deborah rode off in her chair I will tell you how I personally process this seemingly defeat. Because we do all need to learn a way to cope with the disappointment not just the victories. Every human besides Jesus has not seen 100% success when praying for the sick…yet.

So my personal process of overcoming disappointment includes this…I am giving you my process. I am not saying this should be yours but you will need to find your own personal way to stay encouraged to keep going and growing in God for others and to not stop. We are created to bring Gods answer to the worlds problems πŸ™‚ So we can not stop…for the sake of the world! Isaiah 61

1) I am honest with God saying “Father I need more breakthrough to help others please I ask for more grace for breakthrough. Father teach me!” I am continually pursuing greater levels of love, faith and power for others. Until I see the 100% results that Jesus had I know their is more growth opportunities for me to benefit others.

2) I remind myself that love never fails and that I did my best to love the person and to believe God for a miracle for them.

3) I remind myself that many people are healed after the fact and hold on to hope for their healing. I do not usually apologize saying I am sorry it didn’t work. I will usually says it was such an honor to be able to pray and believe that this situation is going to change for you. I then hold on in hope for their miracle.

4) The kingdom of God is at hand so if we prayed and touched them (doesn’t have to be physical contact) then I know God is on the move towards them and towards good!

5) I remind myself that I am growing and that I am in a process of growth for more. I won’t see people healed unless I step out and pray for their healing.

6) I also encourage myself and feed on past testimonies of seeing miracles. I check my heart continually to see if my heart attitude is towards faith in the miraculous. If it isn’t I read miracle stories or watch testimonies of miracle videos to feed my faith and expectation. I remember that God grows out new limbs on people and nothing is impossible with Him. People we meet everyday may need us to be believing for them. So I want to have my heart positioned that a God of miracles lives in me! Amen!

7) I tell myself “good job you stepped out to love someone and you got kingdom seed on them” Father is pleased about us choosing to love others.

8) I tell myself “Jason you will never stop no matter what you see or don’t see in results. This is what you are created to do the rest of your life as a son of God. To manifest Him all the days of your life and to love the world as He does”

I am sorry this is so long but I felt disappointment and pain in my heart that we didn’t get to see Deborah healed. I wanted to share my process with you that I had today to hopefully help you find your own process that will help you stay in the game of hope, healing, loving and helping others all the days of your life.

Each one of us has been called, anointing and commissioned to bring God’s kingdom to earth and we can do this! Let’s all find ways to process disappointment so we can encourage ourselves to keep going and growing in love …ok? πŸ™‚

The world is waiting for a personal God encounter that might shine through our own lives…

We will win if we faint not. And love never fails…ever!! Let’s do this and never stop loving the world…Come on Jesus!!

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  1. suzi moon permalink
    May 14, 2015 10:53 pm

    Rock on! Very insightful! Print this out & Keep it! πŸ˜‰

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