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Open Air Preach Swiss Airport

September 2, 2016

** FILE ** In this Nov. 21, 2007 file photo, travelers line up to get their luggage in the Southwest Airlines baggage claim at the San Jose International airport in San Jose, Calif. It's time to think of the inside of your carry-on suitcase as real estate: Make the most of what you've got, keep it functional and make neatness count. The carry-on bag could be the solution to some of the summer travel season's likely woes, including checked baggage fees on American Airlines and possibly other carriers, but it also has the potential to cause headaches. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, file)

Dear Love Says Go friends.. (Sorry we haven’t posted here for a long time. I was really busy launching an online school that we had over 1000 students so far from 40 nations.)

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We will have a new website site soon and we will keep you posted with current Jesus encouragement! This was from my last trip…

“I felt God’s heart and love for everyone on the plane. I sat in my seat crying tears for them as I prayed that they might know God’s love for them personally.” 


I felt God wanted me to open air preach God’s love at the airport baggage claim when I landed in Switzerland. So I did. I also felt to do a FB live video. It is below…
On the plane I couldn’t stop crying because Father God was showing me how much He loved each and every one of them. 
He said to me “Son some of them are saved, some believe in a god, some do not, some are angry at me because they think I am to blame for some type of loss and pain in their life. Son please let them know how much I love them”
I was overwhelmed and touched by our INCREDIBLE LOVING FATHER and His great love for ALL people. 
People’s response to God can not stop His love for them. God is shouting from heaven “You can’t stop me from loving YOU!”

Click to watch Facebook Live Video of me preaching >>

Click to see my Follow Up of what happened >>

Bless you all! 
Let’s give the world a Jesus that loves them so much He died for them 🙂 

Love, Jason Chin
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