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My Worst ‘Awkward Fail’ ministry moment…Enjoy a good laugh :)

September 6, 2014

My Worst ‘Epic Fail’ ministry moment…Enjoy a good laugh :)
A close friend just asked me to share with you my worst fail moment that I remember in praying for people in public. I have had a few funny learning curve moments and this one really is a top pick.
Please enjoy a good laugh with me as I share my ‘Epic Fail’ story on this 3 min video


August 29, 2014


Friends and Family: I have some very exciting news to share. We are launching our LOVE SAYS GO ACADEMY today!!!! Yes today!!! Yay & Thank you Jesus!! (Can you tell I am excited? LOL)

Thank you to everyone that helped make this Jesus dream a reality. Thank you to the incredible Instructors in his school and my friends: Joaquin Evans, Francesco Sideli Ben Fitzgerald Chad Dedmon and Seth Dahl. You guys are truly amazing!

Months ago I started having a great desire to create an online interactive supernatural activation school. I met with several of my key fathers at Bethel and asked them what they thought about this idea. They all said “Go for it!”

We started envisioning an ‘interactive’ online school that could really impact and make lasting transformation in 12 weeks. A real school with real people behind the scenes to grade the coursework each week and encourage people in their Jesus journey. We also feel we developed a learning system with what we feel are 4 essential learning pillars in the supernatural.

Demonstration- Showing it modeled in action.
Information- Great solid Biblical teaching.
Impartation- Supernatural Grace released from the anointed course Instructors.
Activation- Practicing doing what is being taught.

This school is new ‘next level’ training from our Love Says Go book and built towards growth for all levels in the supernatural. Whether you are just starting out of the gate or well advanced this course is designed to inspire and encourage new levels of growth.

If you have been saved for over 20+ years and just need a little re-firing of first love passion and flame we feel this course has lots of white hot fire on it

So with lots of help from Jesus we feel we created an incredible online interactive supernatural school of ministry: LOVE SAYS GO ACADEMY.
We are starting to take enrollment today. We have room for 150 students for our first school which starts Dec 01, 2014. We already have around 20 spots filled from all over the world. Yay! We are offering a 40% discount for early bird enrollment before Oct 1st too!

AAgain I am so thankful to be a part of this online academy dream come true. Jesus, I pray LOVE SAYS GO ACADEMY will be a tremendous blessing to many for your GLORY! COME ON JESUS!!!

RISE UP AND WALK: The Church and It’s Disabled Members- By Jordanne Babcock (My Niece)

August 17, 2014

jordanneThis young lady made a HUGE impact on me recently! This is Jordanne Babcock my beautiful niece. In Yakima a few weeks ago we were enjoying ourselves having lunch and we also prayed again for Jordanne physical healing which we did not see at that time. When we asked Jordanne what were some of her biggest dreams she started to cry uncontrollably and chocked out these words through her tears “I want everyone in the world to know how important they are. I want everyone to know how special and valuable they are” In that moment I saw the heart of Jesus, a true love champion. Jordanne’s love for the world touched me deeply.

She also told me about an article she wrote about her experience and challenges of believing for healing and not being physically healed yet. I just read it and “Its brilliant” It is a great read for anyone praying for others or believing for yourself for a physical healing. It helps us understand the tension while keeping hope and above all LOVING the person we are praying with Jordanne don’t stop writing anytime soon…

Here is the amazing article:

RISE UP AND WALK: The Church and It’s Disabled Members. By Jordanne Babcock

A look of expectant hope, immediately followed by a flicker of confused frustration. I’ve seen those looks on the faces of people many, many times before. I was born with a birth defect called Spina bifida. After seventeen years of being in a wheelchair, these situations have become almost like clockwork. A truly well-meaning Christian, usually a friend or acquaintance, sometimes a stranger, will approach me and ask if they can pray for my healing.They put their hands on me and begin to pray with such conviction that it’s obvious they just know it will work. So they pray. They pray, and they pray. “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!” And then…wait for it…nothing happens. I have come through every one of those prayers totally unchanged, physically. Read more…


July 5, 2014

Here is an amazing healing on the streets in Ohio.This sweet lady was in a car accident 17 years ago and in constant pain. Jesus took all the pain away and the swelling. Come on Jesus!

Miracle in Las Vegas

June 7, 2014

Here is a fun Jesus miracle from Las Vegas

Jesus told me “Treason by the way of reason”

June 5, 2014

Jesus told me this statement in prayer this morning…
“The church is committing treason by the way of reason”

The Holy Spirit continued “They are rationalizing their way out of the King’s ways and His kingdom. They are making “the way that seems right to a man”(Proverbs 14:12) their lord and king. Rational thinking can be the enemy of victory ….Do not reason yourself out of the things of God and His kingdom. Unless you repent (change your mind) and become childlike in faith and trust in no way will you see the kingdom. A camel to go through the eye of a needle is impossible to grasp with the rational mind. But I says ‘all things are possible’ to him that believes. Believe with your heart !! Let your heart lead you into ALL truth and you will become completely free to manifest me and set free a generation trapped in the mind of their rational, carnal, earthly thinking. I came to set you free from the body of sin and death.”

After He spoke this phrase I looked up the word “treason” because I didn’t really know what it entailed. Here it is.

Treason: disloyalty, or treachery to one’s country or its government. Any attempt to overthrow the government or impair the well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance;the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one’s government.

I believe the Lord was showing me how there are two governments that we can live from by choice or belief. The government or kingdom of God ruled and reigned by King “JESUS”. And the government of what we know to be mostly familiar ‘the kingdom of this age’. The kingdom of this age is the way we were taught from childhood with all the natural laws and limits of the natural man.

The kingdom of God: Where Jesus is saying He is the King of a completely different kingdom not ruled by this dimension or age but by a limitless life. I believe Jesus is saying when we agree with limitations on our lives it is ‘treason’ against His government. We are partnering and allying with an enemy the wrong kingdom mindset. Read more…

Holy Spirit breaks out at a fish market

April 28, 2014

At the fish market in Alabama we were having lunch and a band came in singing, “When the saints come marching in”. The entire restaurant started signing this song and I felt the entire atmosphere shift in the restaurant. I felt a Holy Spirit urge of excitement to break out and go love on people.

I looked over and saw lady sitting by herself and felt drawn to her. I said hello to “Barbara” and noticed she had a hospital band on her wrist. She said she just got out of the hospital from a bad fall and hurt her leg badly. She showed me how her leg was still wrapped up and that she could hardly walk on it. She was in great pain. We prayed and Jesus instantly took all the pain away. She got up and walkedfishmarket.jpg around her chair with the biggest smile. She didn’t have all her teeth but it was one of the brightest most beautiful smiles I had ever seen. She walked to the front door and back perfectly normal pain free, completely healed! Come on Jesus! We asked Barbara since she was alone to join our large group for lunch.

As we were eating I noticed Barbara’s food was taking a long time to come to the table. I saw that she was also drinking water and then it dawned on me she might be homeless and maybe she didn’t order food but was just getting shelter in this restaurant to get out of the rain. It was rainy heavily outside. I said Barbara you don’t have any food coming do you? She said ‘no’. We found out she was homeless and got to share our food with Barbara too. That was a treat.

A neighboring table was watching all that had happened and a young lady approached saying “I do a Christina blog” what just happened? She was really inspired and took our picture. In her blog she shares how she was touched seeing Jesus do things like this in public, Here is her link to her blog:

We got to talk to this girls wonderful Christian family and shared more “good news” of Jesus with them. Then the lady behind the window with the food orders in the kitchen waved to get my attention. She said “what is going on?’ because she saw the whole thing of Barbara getting healed too. We told her if anyone in the kitchen needed a miracle to come to our table.

I looked over and Joaquin was praying for a workers back. I noticed another table looking at this thinking “What is going on?” so I thought it would be a good idea to tell them. So I walked over and said “Did you see what just happened? I told him about Barbara being healed and pointed at Joaquin saying and this guys back is most likely being healed as we watch…” The guy named ‘Will” at the table said “No way, For real???” This couple couldn’t believe that miracles were happening right before there eyes. They keep shaking their heads in awe that this was really happening right now. They asked for prayer for redirection and purpose of their lives. They were believers so we prophesied over them. We told “Will” that God loved his heart and that he would be a great leader and he keep saying “No Way, For Real?” Haha That was funny. They we really impacted.

I looked over and Johnathon and Farrah were at another table praying and prophesying over them and Joaquin was now praying for another worker.

The lady at the food window again got my attention she reached here arm through the window and said “pray for me” as she grabbed my hand. I released the presence on her. She said “I knew you’all were different you were all like glowing and I felt the Holy Spirit goose bumps when you were praying for people.

Revival broke out at the fish market!!! Another great day to be alive with Jesus!!!


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