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“Jason I just want to thank you for being obedient to God. Your video on stepping out, and moving past fear to love God’s people literally changed my life. I’ve battled with fear for so long, and I’ve ran from the prophetic because of it. However your video was practical, and informative, and gave me the boldness to flow in the prophetic the very next day to numerous people I did not know. I continue to repeat to myself that God loves me, and he loves these people. His love pushed out all fear, and love consumed me. I never experienced God’s love the way I did on this day.”

Thank you so much. I look forward to learn more from your teaching materials.


“I just wanted to say thank you bro. You have been a forerunner for revival in southern California whether you know it or not. Because of your videos I have learned risk is what’s important not success and that it’s ok to be wrong. Because of you, high schoolers and college kids are being transformed. You listening to the Holy Spirit to do the [ in my shoes ]. That has motivated me to just go for it and because of your encouragement the youth in the church are getting excited about Jesus once again and taking fire to the streets. You rock bro! Thank you for being obedient!” — Brandon,  southern California

“So i did what you said in your videos profhetic and words of knowledge. First i saw a picture of a bear and prayed to get the meaning of it, but nothing realy came to mind.After that u said that i should pray and see if i got any pain anywere in my body, and i felt something in my shoulder and my right leg. But all the things i got came so quiet that i was pretty sure it was just my self making it up. Anyways this was in the morning and later that day i went with a friend to fix my car.After a working a while i went to the store to buy a couple of sodas, and on the way i met a man in a weelchair.He called on me and asked me to help push him up the hill, so i went to help him and then he said he had a pain in his shoulder.And then i started thinking about the words i got in the morning but i was still unsure about it. But then when we got to were he was going he told me his name was Bear, and i was thinking wow this must be God really blessing me with an oppurtunity i cant pass. So i told him about what i had gotten from God in the morning and asked him if he also had a pain in his left leg.And sure enugh he did.And also he had really sore eyes from alergies. So i prayed for him and he emediatly got well. So i got him out of his weelchair and he walked (he was not lame,he was in the chair because of his left leg) and his eyes and shoulder also got instantly healed=))) So Thank you so mutch for posting these videos and i hope the rest will come soon on the other topics u mentioned here. Blessings from Norway.” — Tom, Norway



I watched all of your videos on youtube today. After watching a few this afternoon I felt the Holy Spirit tugging on me. I hadn’t been in a good place since school started in September and now I am restored.

I student-directed a junior high school play for the past two months with one of my high school teachers. Today was the last day of performances with these kids and I was with them for six hours. One girl, an atheist, injured her wrist yesterday. I asked if I could pray over it and she said sure. After the first time she said it was slightly better, that alll of the pain wasn’t gone. I asked if I could pray again but she said later. The second time she said there was no affect, but I think it was because she totally shut herself down and convinced herself it wouldn’t work. But, Jesus did heal other girl’s toe after she had injured it so many times. She said that after I prayed the pain was totally gone. We got very excited.

This would not have happened today if hadn’t stumbled across your videos. Thank you, — Marie, USA

So last night before going to bed I watched all of your “In My Shoes” videos and the training videos as well. I was so encouraged at how simple it looked that today in my church SSM class I prayed for a man with an ear infection and he said the pain went away and he could hear better. Then we went out to eat and I prophecied accurately to our waiter. 

Thank you so much for your website and being such a positive influence to my generation. I hope to someday make videos of my own. smile God Bless Josh Del Rey, Houston Texas

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  1. October 21, 2012 12:29 am

    I’ve been so inspired by your site. My friend told me about treasure hunting about four years ago. We’ve been on them and experienced some great things. I had slacked for a while, but this site reinvigorated me! I watched your videos and started going out again, getting words of knowledge for people, praying for ailments, all to the glory of Jesus. I’ve been telling my friends about the site and one friend has been hearing God speak and seeing him move in public. Thank you for being obedient to God and making this site. Your insights are so plain and easy to understand. It makes hearing and being used of God so easy and natural. God bless you and all your endeavors. Kellen Brooks Detroit, MI

  2. Josh from England permalink
    November 13, 2012 4:58 pm

    Thank you so much for inspiration and confidence Jason. I have watched your videos along with Pete and Tom which gave me the courage today to go up to a Woman in our local shop and ask her if she had pain in her neck. She said no, but her knees were in agony. I just believed in the lords power and thanked God for loving her and commanded in Jesus’s name for her knees to get better. After a few seconds I asked and of course they were fixed, she then started to cry and said she felt tingly and heat throughout her whole body, I laughed and said Jesus loves you and that is the holy spirit. Never have I felt so exhilarated and on a high, I was scared but plucked up the courage through God, so thank you so much for allowing me to plant the seed and these videos are ACE! Guys this is so real and place all your faith in God, anything WILL be cured!

  3. james permalink
    March 29, 2013 6:24 am

    yo you would not believe what happened to me….in your video you spoke directly to me and prophesied exactly what i begin to feel no way man thx halluah jesus is awesome

  4. Andrea permalink
    August 5, 2014 7:04 pm

    Jason I know it was the Holy Spirit that lead me to your YouTube videos a few months ago. I just let them all play throughout the day! I watched the video on words of knowledge, healing, etc. and went through all of the exercises that you discussed. When you instructed us to close our eyes and envision a body part on a skeleton my mind went to a shoulder. You then said ask the Spirit who that body part belonged to and I did and clear as day He told me. I went to the woman (whose name He gave me) and struck up a conversation then I casually asked “Hey how’s your shoulder” and her head dropped and she begin to tell me how she had a bulging knot and it was so painful. I asked her pain levels, etc. and then begin to pray.
    One interesting thing you said is that when you begin in faith the Holy Spirit will often give you other words of knowledge and as I prayed I begin to hear the Holy Spirit say pray for the nerves in her spinal cord to be healed so I prayed in faith. After I prayed I asked her to assess her pain level and she went ballistic jumping around and praising God! I was just standing there in awe of the power of God and watched her jump around and check her body. She said that the lump on her shoulder was completely gone and she had been having back pain caused by the sciatic nerve and that too had stopped. She is completely healed! God is so amazing and I’m so grateful to be a vessel. Thank you for sharing videos and your passion for souls!

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